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Turn any screen into a
FRAMEN screen

With our Screen Manager you can use any hardware you have at hand.

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Let’s see what you need to start

Do you have a screen available?

Please note that a stable internet connection is required in order to connect your screen.

Using Android TV/Fire OS Smart TV

FRAMEN Screen Manager available from Android TV / Fire OS App Markets. If you have screens running these OS just download the app and you are good to go.

Sample Fire OS TV

  • ALEXA Integration
  • Amazon services
  • No additional streaming stick needed
sample tv

Sample Android TV

  • Google Assistant Integration
  • Easy Navigation
  • No additional streaming stick needed
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sample tv

Using Fire TV Stick or similar device

The FRAMEN Screen Manager is available from the App Stores on TVs without SMART capability using an Android or Fire OS streaming stick.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

  • Affordable options with a powerful processor
  • Fire TV user interface and voice remote
  • Support HDR and Dolby Atmos support
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amazon fire tv stick

Google Chromecast

  • Wide selection at different price points
  • Easy-to-use interface and modern voice remote
  • Top-notch streaming and audio quality
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tv stick

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

  • Affordable options with a powerful processor
  • Android TV user interface and voice remote
  • Support HDR and Dolby Atmos support
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Xiaomi Mi TV Stick


FRAMEN also provides a Ready-to-Go content management solution. This is the best universal way to connect. Contact us to get details on technical requirements.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Top-notch streaming quality
  • Free content management
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Using current Digital Signage or CMS system

FRAMEN offers different solutions to be connected to your existing CMS or Digital Signage system, via Light URL, API or VAST Tag. Just add it to your screen’s playlist and get ready to monetize. Simple as that.


It’s easy as that

How to connect screens with the FRAMEN dashboard.

Keep an overview of your connected screens and add new ones to your FRAMEN Screen Manager. Once your screen is connected to the Wifi, your player ID should display on the screen. Just click on “Create”, enter the Player ID displayed on your screen, and give it a matching title. Here is a special tip: Turn on the advertising publisher and choose „news categories“ to inform your audience with top news.

How to connect screens

Set up your screens on a "Listing" on your dashboard and view all the ad requests you receive in "Creatives". Expert`s tip: a) If you switch on the "Instant approval" you can earn more money. b) To speed up this process please contact our Growth Team.


You can use files on your dashboard like HTML5 Pages, images (FHD, UHD, JPEG, PNG), gifs, and videos (mp4). To upload your photos and videos to your gallery, all you need to do is: Click on ‚Media’, select ‚Gallery’, and click on “Upload”. You can easily upload your content from your own library or you use the Drag ‘n’ drop functionality.


You can view all ads received in “Creatives” and be in control to approve or reject them. Experts tip: if you switch on “Instant approval”, you can earn more money! To speed up this process please contact our Growth Team.

Create a Space in your 'Settings' and invite selected team members to your Dashboard. By assigning them roles, you can manage the content together with them.


Got other questions?

Reach out, and we will answer any questions you might have!

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