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Ads Manager allows you to create campaigns, track their performance, and adjust them.

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Step 1:

Brand Details

Tell us about your business so our algorithm can find you the best venues and display your content in the right context.

Step 2:


  • First, determine your location. Focus on customers within walking distance from your business or capitalize on our global network of venues.
  • Then choose a venue type: show your content on screens at offices, hotels, travel agencies, fitness clubs, retail stores, restaurants, healthcare and transport facilities, and more.
  • Finally, select your audience by two main parameters: demographic (e.g., age, gender, language, occupation, etc.) and interests (e.g., cars, books, food, news, sports, tech, travel, etc.)

Oh No!

Computer crashed halfway through? No worries. Your campaign is auto-saved. Just open your draft and keep going.

Step 3:

Budget & Timing

  • Set a daily or runtime budget.
  • Set a start and end date. You can always pause or extend the campaign. You can even set specific time slots to maximize results.
Step 4:


  • Upload your creative content, advertisements, or any other media that best tells your brand's story.
  • It can be a still image or a video.
  • We accept the following formats: Landscape (16:9) or Portrait (9:16) And the following file types:FHD, UHD, JPEG, PNG (10 MB Max.); Gif - (100 MB Max.); Mp4 - (200 MB, 12.5 Mbps Max.).

Pro tip: Add a QR code that leads to your website and tracks your conversion rate.

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Campaign done,

now all that’s left to do

Total Spots

Total Impressions

Last Ad On

Total Budget

Consumed Budget
  • Coworkings
  • Banks
  • Gyms
Create a campaign

Go live

After pressing "Publish," your campaign will go live within minutes. You can pause and resume it at any time.


Your interactive Reports allow you to gain deeper insights in real-time. Through clear, concise graphics, you'll gain a detailed understanding of the success of your campaign, including:

  • Impressions
  • Number of plays
  • Budget
  • Best performing cities


Adjust your content, budget, target group, locations, and timing according to the reports.

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