KLM is the oldest airline in the world and one of the best known. They wanted to draw attention to themselves and the destination Colombia and turned to FRAMEN for this.

  • The Goal

    KLM is a very well-known airline, which is why their campaign was not necessarily about awareness, but rather about getting people to fly with them to Colombia. KLM naturally turned to FRAMEN to promote the country of Colombia, but also to promote themselves as an airline, in different places with different people.

  • The Solution

    KLM decided to run a campaign in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt. It featured beautiful, colourful images of the country of Colombia, with a sentence above them about the diversity and opportunities in the country of Colombia to make the country as attractive as possible. To make it easy for people, KLM used a QR code that directed customers directly to the relevant connection from the location to a specific destination in Colombia. FRAMEN was the perfect partner for this as we have screens in hotels/hostels and gyms as well as in co-working spaces and could therefore address many different and travel-affine people.

  • The result

    Thanks to the successful campaign, KLM was able to attract a lot of attention for itself as an airline, but also for the country of Mexico. FRAMEN offered them the perfect solution to address exactly the right target group.