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Promote your brand on screens in Hereford and hundreds of other cities. Launch and manage your global campaign from one simple dashboard.

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Hereford People

Learn about the people on the other side of the screen and blend your brand into the city’s unique culture.

decision maker
Decision maker

Hold key-position and are used to making challenging decisions on a daily basis. They make the buying decisions for their companies and/or families.


They're goal-oriented and won't hesitate to invest time and resources to achieve them. Have the talent to entertain and grab people's attention.


Curious, active, and courageous people who are always searching for the next adventure. They're risk-takers and are willing to go far to try a product they're interested in.


People who visit destinations to learn about their culture and enjoy what they offer. They are unbiased and willing to try anything that looks interesting to them.

Tech early adopter
Early tech adopter

Always up to date with technology and are the first to try new products, innovations, and ideas. Good fit for brands that develop their early customer base.


People with a passive personality. They're pleasure-seeker who would rather avoid hard work. They want quick solutions to their problems, preferably at a lower price.


People who were born between the years 1980–1995. The first generation to grow up with internet access. They believe in conscious consumption and appreciate transparent brands.


Energetic and action-oriented people. They're attentive, thoughtful, and quickly adapt to new situations—usually tech-savvy and busy people who want quick solutions.


Curious people who are open to trying new things. They like to spend time with friends, family, and other travelers. They prefer experiences over possessions.


Educated people who are involved in academic life as students, researchers, or professors. They're practical and interested in fulfilling their everyday needs.


Families are often interested in affordable products and activities for young children and pets. They usually have relatively big households and look out for products and services that benefit their family.

Custom Targeting
Custom Targeting

Can’t find your target audience on the list? No problem. Get in touch, and we’ll find a way to help you reach your crowd.

Hereford Locations

Showing your story in the right environment is what we’re all about. Discover our exclusive partner venues.

screen in a cafe
Colleges and Universities

Reach students on a quest for knowledge at universities. These individuals are keen on gaining wisdom, learning a new skill or meeting new people.

screen at an airport

Be the brand your audience sees at fast-moving airports. Connect with people while they take on their personal or business adventures.

screens at shopping mall
Concourse (Mall)

Let shoppers at malls discover your brand as they shop for a new outfit (or window shop) and enjoy snacks at the food court.

screen in hotel

Connect with individuals seeking financial information, teens opening their first bank account or someone old school who prefers physically visiting a bank.

 screen at bar
Casual dining

Engage with the audience at restaurants enjoying a pleasant meal with family, friends or loved ones.

screen in bar

Reach people while they are out at a bar celebrating with friends, on a date with their partners, or customers at the bar having a drink while watching a sports match.

screen in hotel
Doctor’s Offices

Reach a large audience group in the waiting room of a doctor's surgery. People want to be kept busy so placing your advertisement here is the perfect location.

screen at coworking

Connect with tech-savvy business individuals at coworking spaces. Reach startups, tech companies, CEOs and business people directly at their place of work.

screen at gas station
Сheck out (grocery)

Capture the attention of shoppers at grocery stores looking to grab some products for their friends, family or household.

screen in gym class

People at gyms are concerned with their bodies and health. They like to be entertained while they exercise.

screen at hotel

Get the attention of tourists at hotels who are not familiar with the surroundings. Give them an inspiration about what they can do or eat.

screen at gas station
Fueiling Stations

Reach your audience 24/7 at a gas station, where everyone is passing through

screens in parking garage
Parking Garages

Advertise in parking garages, where everyone is passing by. Give the people something with them, before entering the mall.

screen in salons 2

Entertain the visitors of a hair salon while they getting pampered.

ad on an urban panel
Urban Panels

Every day thousands of people walk through urban panels. No matter what time of day, there are always a lot of impressions to be made.

screen on the street

New town, same toolbox

Keep track of your campaign from the same, familiar dashboard even when your content travels around the world.

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