December 12, 2021

Customer Story: Scalable Capital

Written by: Luca Compes
Scalable Capital ad on screen in front of an elevator
Written by: Luca Compes

Europe's leading digital asset management company, Scalable Capital, reaches young professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs with FRAMEN in the Berlin WeWork Locations. The intended target group prioritizes cost-effective, modern technologies with flexible options to achieve the best out of their investment decision in a time-efficient way. Especially important: The solution should also be sustainable!

Scalable Capital offers young professionals exactly that: an automated but highly transparent service based on the latest research findings and at the same time sustainable. According to Florian Prucker (co-founder and CEO), the vision of innovative asset management is to simplify the investment process and to achieve an optimal investment result through technology.

This is where the synergy between Scalable Capital and FRAMEN arises: FRAMEN offers companies with its marketing channel exclusive access to exactly this target group and Scalable to meet them in the ideal environment without wastage. The WeWork Locations offer screens directly at the workplace and in community areas of young professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives a high retention time in a lean back situation at the workplace and thus generates an extremely high number of effective impressions. Scalable Capital's sustainable investment approach also fits the basic orientation of WeWork, which advertises with a sustainable co-working environment. "Brands that present themselves in a suitable experience environment statistically gain more than 106% more trust among consumers", Dimitri Gärtner, CEO at FRAMEN.

scalable capital in a location

Combine Online & Offline

In addition, Scalable Capital manages to combine online and offline marketing through cooperation with FRAMEN, thereby multiplying the touchpoints between target group and campaign. The campaign in Berlin CoWorking Spaces not only draws attention to Scalable Capital's offer but also promotes a “live” info event directly on-site in Berlin. This gives potential clients the opportunity to get to know Scalable Capital's innovative technology solution and to get in direct contact with experts.

Flexibility for customers

Like many up-and-coming companies, Scalable Capital focuses on maximum flexibility for its clients. On the one hand, Scalable Capital offers investment opportunities with the Neo-Broker without minimum investment amount at low costs. This is especially welcomed by the young target group. The easy access to the capital market and the possibility to buy and save, among other things, sustainable ETFs, appeals to the desire for freedom and shows that it is possible to dive into the world of investment even without a lot of seed capital.

Digital asset management, the product alongside the Neo-Broker, is primarily used by high-income earners but is accessible via the ING partner bank from an investment sum of 5,000 euros.

"When I saw the Scalable Capital campaign on my way to coffee, I thought to myself, 'That sounds like sustainability and long-term wealth creation at the same time”, says Joshua Williams, a member of the WeWork Atrium Towers.

scalable capital ad screenshot

Flexibility also in the design of the campaigns

FRAMEN offers Scalable all flexibility in advertising. The possibility to broadcast a campaign on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis gives companies the chance to test different formats. The selection of not only targeted locations but even individual screens within an environment brings advertising right into the focus of the individual target group. In addition, FRAMEN offers an extremely fast and flexible way to reach people by going live with the campaigns in under 48 hours.

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