August 25, 2021

Customer Story: Globalance Invest

Written by: Luca Compes
Globalance ad on a screen
Written by: Luca Compes

FRAMEN supports Globalance Invest in its mission to make financial investments future-oriented.

From September to mid-November, Globalance Invest uses FRAMEN as an advertising and experience channel to draw attention to future-oriented investments. With the following urgent message: Very few people think about the impact of global warming or water shortage on their portfolio. FRAMEN enables access to an exclusive, relevant target group. People working in WeWork are mostly decision-makers*, entrepreneurs, and top-of-mind people with a strong interest in sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. They are also future-oriented and open to new, better, digital solutions to make the world a little bit better. This is exactly where Globalance Invest fits in, with its mission to create a positive future.

Access to exclusive target groups

FRAMEN supports companies to gain access to exclusive target groups and to get the most relevant environment for a campaign. With attention-grabbing advertising in the semi-public area, advertising takes place directly at the point of experience, whereby a brand not only presents itself but also associates itself with a certain environment and helps to shape space. Bring your brand into context!

Eye-catching campaign

With direct questions like "Did you know? In 2040, the Arctic will have to experience an ice-free summer for the first time. What impact will global warming have on your portfolio?", Globalance Invest receives the immediate attention of viewers. The majority of WeWork members have invested their assets in investments, but the fewest will consider environmental and sustainability factors when making investment decisions. This is about to change. With a QR code at the end of the campaign video, you can subscribe to the Globalance Trend Magazine. The magazine provides information about sustainable and future-oriented investments, presents innovative companies and business models, and delivers exciting analyses of megatrends in the fields of economy, society, technology, and the environment.

But what does "future-oriented" mean?

With forward-looking, Globalance is alluding to nine major megatrends. These are digitization, health & aging, consumption, climate & energy, new mobility, resource scarcity, urbanization, knowledge, and automation, which are significantly shaping and changing our world. Within these themes, Globalance, therefore, invests in innovative ideas and companies with long-term relevance. This includes various aspects: Globalance Invest focuses on "investments with a positive footprint" and the valuable impact that will positively shape the future and are part of the solution. Globalance thus invests in the future, not in the past.

Thanks to the «Globalance Footprint®»-methodology, the sustainability of an investment can be measured and the impact of the asset can be shown. Globalance Invest thus offers full transparency, shows the opportunities and risks of its own investments and its own footprint, and thus enables you to play a positive role in shaping the future - this is precisely what sets it apart from other banks and asset managers.

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