October 30, 2020

Customer Story: a&o

Written by: Luca Compes
screen at aohostels
Written by: Luca Compes

How it all started

After a short pilot project in the a&o Berlin hostels since January 2020, a&o recently connected all its 28 European digital screens with the FRAMEN technology and thus has a great tool for informing their guests with a&o content and opens the air time to external content. The TVs and beamers are placed in public areas in the venues, meaning the lobbies, entrances and reception areas of a&o. From there, the content reaches the target group directly.

“Every screen can become a stage for a brand-related contextual environment. Through definite identification of the target group in a specific context - here a rather young, tech-affine hostel-chain - we can create a highly relevant experience for guests”, so Magdalena Pusch, Co-Founder and CMO at FRAMEN, in TageskarteThus, brands can for their ads now easily book their screen time at a&o locations with FRAMEN’s self-booking platform.

Connection of the a&o hotel screens to FRAMEN

Implementing FRAMEN is quick & easy and can happen in two different ways. The best: even if a location already has a digital signage solution, they can benefit from digital revenues. Then, FRAMEN offers an API for existing digital signage software.
Venues can also use the all-in-one solution, meaning that they use the smart digital signage component and the booking integration. By that, venues profit in multiple ways: They gain higher revenues and get a full digital signage tool for no costs. Implementing FRAMEN his way works by easily connecting smart TVs with no additional hardware or by plugging in e.g. the FRAMEN TV-Sticksproviding a full digital signage solution – both connect TVs and beamers in venues like hotels with the streaming ecosystem and the booking platform The latter enables external content providers to request and book campaigns. This process is easy and time-efficient.

Sustainable side-effect for hotels

Furthermore, the existing infrastructure of TVs can be continued to be used meaning the initial investment is almost non-existing and no new hardware has to be purchased. FRAMEN developed a smart and easy usage of the software so that local hotel employees can manage and change the content within seconds from all over the world.

screen in A&O 1

Automated content in different ways for a&o

Once the connection was established, a&o hotels and hostels use FRAMEN in two ways: As a digital signage software for managing their own TV content and as a solution for external content that creates new revenues. Especially due to the consequences of lockdown sanctions, essential revenues have been missed for hotels. FRAMEN helps here with automated revenues and at the same time allows full content control on the side of the venue.

Easy to use digital signal solutions for hotels

Firstly, a&o can manage its own content displayed with the software. FRAMEN offers already existing photo and video playlists to be used by everyone and everywhere. Alternatively, customers can create their own playlists with information about upcoming events, special offers, and breakfast times. Planning and management of content in calendar view per screen, easy uploading in high quality, and various access right options help every employee to choose the content flexibly, next to the automated content

Hotels like a&o create an additional source of revenue

Secondly, the air time of the screens gets opened to external content, meaning that advertisers can book digital campaigns in the hotels. Brands pick on the best contexts for their campaign and can directly book it end-to-end. The hotel still remains in control over the content and has to approve the requested campaign in order to ensure brand safety and relevance for hotel guests. A great selection of various brands already booked unique campaigns via FRAMEN.

screen in A&O

Everyone wins

The guests receive relevant news and interesting content. While it may be hotel information about breakfast offers, check-in and check-out times, or special hotel offers, it can also be a campaign by a local museum, a restaurant around the corner, or a leisure park nearby for a day trip. Campaigns can also be featured with QR or promotion codes so that guests can access further information immediately.

Hotels such as a&o not only increase their guests’ experience but also establish an additional revenue stream. The location keeps 70% of the campaign costs allowing it to make a profit out of it. In order to further increase their revenues, venues can also offer an extension towards live marketing of the campaign, meaning the promoted products can be tested or even bought by guests directly in the location. For example, digitally advertised ice cream on the screens can be bought at the hotel reception or a car promoted via FRAMEN can be booked for test driving directly in front of the hotel. Since people have more time during their vacation and are more open-minded, this opportunity is a great additional revenue stream for hotels. This form of combined digital and live marketing is possible at a&o hostels.

Brands can reach their specific target group efficiently. Museums and leisure activity providers are able to inform hotel guests about their offers. While luxury brands advertise in high-end hotels to reach their audience, others are better placed in hostel groups like a&o - everyone and everything gets placed in the right context.

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