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Promote your brand on screens
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Tell your story at

Co-working spaces.

Hotels and travel agencies.

Fitness clubs.

Retail stores and restaurants.

Health and transport facilities and many more.

Start local. Grow global.

Laser target

We pin point your audience and display your branded content to those who truly want to see it.

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Bye Bye, Ad Fraud. Hello, Brand Safety.

We guarantee that 100% of your impressions are human, not bots, and that your campaign always appears in a positive context and environment.

Bye Bye, Ad Fraud. 
Hello, Brand Safety.

Magnetize Attention

Our screens display captivating stories about lifestyle, news, sports and art. So when your content shows up, your audience is already engaged, and all eyes are on you.

Magnetize Attention

Take full control



Tell us about your brand and our algorithm will find the ideal locations to display your content.

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Thomas Bergemann

Head of Advertising, Axel Springer

"FRAMEN has developed an impressive technological platform that has the potential to revolutionize the DOOH market. I am excited to be part of the great team at FRAMEN from now on and to continue the success story together."
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Felix Bayer

Marketing Manager Germany & Switzerland, helpling

"With FRAMEN, we successfully implemented our first digital OOH campaign in Germany - from consulting to planning to implementation, we received optimal support. Thanks to the large network of participating screen providers, we were able to reach our target group at exactly the right locations."
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Lisa Zöfgen

Head of Marketing, Truffls

"With our innovative job matching technology, we strike a chord in the hearts of (young) professionals. FRAMEN enables us to appear in the natural environment of our target group and to connect even more closely with candidates and companies. With our "Breaking News" campaign, we inspire at the right moment, in the right place."
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